Ever imagined if ‘PAIN’ could benefit us?

PAIN is a symptom of a disease. PAIN is a blessing in disguise. PAIN is an eye-opener. PAIN is your silent teacher. PAIN will turn your mind towards righteousness.

If there was no PAIN, bad and good would look alike. When we feel the PAIN we understand what is right and what is wrong. Once we conclude the actual cause, others will be alarmed.

Once a while if we check whatever we do in our lives is justifiable, then we get a chance to correct ourselves. Often we talk about circumstances and situations that make us to tread the wrong path. PAIN takes its course in warning us.

Conquer your difficulties one by one. Stand adamant. Smile away your worries and sorrows. Develop a balanced mind. Be cheerful always. Develop a new magnanimous personality. Smile and laugh. Rejoice within.

Inhibit all surging emotions and impulses. Direct your energies in the appropriate channel towards your chosen ideal. Develop the power by self-control. Keep the instincts in harmony. Master your thoughts. Cultivate serenity of mind. Reserve your energy. Educate your will. Coordinate your innate tendencies, you will enjoy immense peace of mind. You will possess tremendous inner strength. You will have rapid progress.  PAIN will be at your service.