One thing at a time & that done well is a very good rule as many can tell.

When you take up any work, apply your whole heart, full mind and soul, to the work. Do it with perfect concentration. What another can do in six hrs, you can turn out within half an hour, smoothly, in a methodical and orderly manner.  This requires high end practice. You will be taken for an accomplished practitioner. Even when you study, study the subject with perfect concentration. Do not allow the mind to wander. You must shut out all external disturbances. Fix the gaze on one point. Do not allow the eyes to wander. When you study a subject , do not think of coffee or sweets.The whole world should be dead to you for the time being.

Such must be the nature of concentration. It will come to you after some steady and constant endeavours. Be not troubled. Be not discouraged.There will be some delay. Wait cooly and patiently. Rome was not built in a day. It is all a question of time.

Do not leave the practice even for a day even when you are sick.In you failure lies the secret of your success. and in your weakness, the secret of your strength.

Plod on , Push on. Gird up your lions. Nil desperandum. Be bold. March on courageously.  Be cheerful. A brilliant future is awaiting you. Practice, and get rejoice. Become a world figure. You can make yourself one. Follow your chosen path. Be sincere and earnest. Rise Up.

Awake, the light is abundant, only you have to reach there.