Know what you want, and have the courage to do it.

Some people say that life never gave them square deals but when a chance is offered to them, they start vacillating, saying it was not what they wanted, and it would not work out anyway to their advantage. Their doubts scared them of the future, because they had not the courage to grab the opportunity, and by fearing to attempt they never did anything big.

Life likes the people who challenge it. In life we have got to take risks when they come. People who dare do it, get a great deal farther than people who are very easily frightened ever to take a chance.

Age is no barrier between you and any new effort. A great many of the most famous people in the world, began life fairly late. Your age in years does not count. Your mental age counts. There is no reason to put up with being an old fashioned fellow, or to tolerate sitting in a back-water complaining that life has been stingy in its favors to you, or that you are too old to do anything worthwhile. Get up and get on with life.

Wake up and realize so far you have allowed apprehension to tease you too long. This is the time to ignore it and take the risk.

Risk is frightening. Men are scared of poverty, of illness, and particularly of public opinion. To be afraid of public opinion is the most contemptible excuse of all. If one stopped to think of that, not one of us would get anywhere. Defy the gossips. Never let fear and doubt spoil your life. Take the chances you are offered and give them the courage they demand. You will get more by daring them than by slipping away into what you think are the safe, comfortable shadows.

Know what you want, and have the courage to do it. Challenge and take risks!