8:43 AM Pride: gudmrng
8:45 AM me: yes babu woke up bfore 4?
8:46 AM great awareness
Pride: din sleep yet
8:47 AM me: talking with ur Manjula?
Pride: no nt gettng slp
8:48 AM me: not getting sleep.? what thoughts are playing in ur mind
and around whom they are roaming?
8:49 AM any person or thing that is coming more than any other…………
Pride: abt job n money
8:50 AM me: job n money… u said u r working
Pride: yes willing to start a new prjct thinking abt it
me: so u have a job. may be u have some targets set by ur boss is it so?
8:51 AM so new projects what kinda/
Pride: http://www.twenga.co.uk/
i need to start this even
8:52 AM and planning to take studio flat as i can adjust in shared homes
and i need to pay huge amount
need to send money back to home
its not target based job
me: what u want to do there?
Pride: if i want money i need to hold so many market places
8:53 AM whr? iam not having accomadation at the moment
enqrd abt acmdtn and i found it but shared with nearly ten ppl
and they drink and make mess
so decided to stay alone
so all prbs
me: wait let me understand what you wrote here
Pride: ok ok
8:55 AM reply me i may sleep but will see ur mesg
8:57 AM me: ok
8:58 AM first sorry… I have discouraaged you and hurt u a lot than any other…
9:01 AM and I know you will have only friends in your life
36 minutes
9:37 AM me: whatever you want in life put it down in a paper or a book and filter out whats the foremost that you should have. and keep only that one thing in mind. ‘job and money’ cant be the foremost. You have a job, focus on it ; find out ways to reach your goals. In life whatever a man wants will be just in front of him. Its only that it takes time for him to realise and see it just before him. Wants n wishes doesnt come just like that. Only when that thing is around us and very nearer to us we get tempted to wish for that and want it at all costs. And the TIME it takes is only because of the thoughts which disturb you. It’s true that u can’t stop thoughts but you have the power ignore them. Just when you start ignoring those useless thoughts, ur mind becomes channelised and the will power becomes stronger and the time to quench ur goals thereby decreases in no time. So write it clear and in simple words ‘What you want in Life’ then ‘What you want just today’. Make yourself busy with that Today’s task and accept only positive thoughts that push you forward in that Today’s task. So Job n Money can only be your month long or year long or life long goal but not today’s goal. Now u have a job and earning too, even if not in bulks. See if I earn 100 my budget will be within that 100. For any other reason my earning decreases to 50, I think only of living with that 50. And yes I do agree there are people who cant bend down and always think of spending beyond their earnings. But realisation comes to every person if not now somewhere in future when they have to repent for all that. Why not we bend down now, accept what we have and prepare better future. You have many concerns, but you cannot deal with them all at a time. Your primary concerns now are ‘accommodation’ and ‘sending money’. Just prioritise them and act on the important thing first.
37 minutes
10:15 AM me: Send Money and Accommodate Yourself Well. 10ppl, drinking n messing may dampen you privacy. But check whats important. Never give gap in sending money even if the amount decreases. And see that you are comefortable whereever you are. Never complain, if u have to, write it in your book or diary feel relieved for the compliant is delivered and accepted…. Never decline support to yourself for whatever decision you may take, right or wrong but be confident. Start laughing at all the problems you have. Then they go weeping that you have not welcomed them. Enjoy watching your problem as an outsider. Many say that they can solve others problems but not theirs. So why cant we become outsiders and find solution to those problems. We all do have idols and role models. Think once if the same problem is given to that idol or role model, how he will be tackling it… then u will find the solution there. Be flexible in your thoughts , ideas and goals. That makes your life simple and zooms into success. I wish you take it on wisely and transform your life as the most enjoyable part. Wishes for your new ventures in life… Keep mailing…