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  • pawanalluru 4:39 am on July 17, 2010 Permalink  

    Spam Mail >>> Kindly accept my greetings – Kojo Kwesi from Ghana 

    From: Kojo Kwesi <>
    Date: Jul 17, 2010 4:26 AM
    Subject: Kindly accept my greetings


    Kindly accept my greetings. My names are Kojo Kwesi and am from Ghana. I am 52 years of age and I work with a giant gold-producing company, Newmont Ghana Gold Limited. I understand that my contacting you will come to you as a surprise since we have not known each other before. I only have the privilege to contact you after I got your e-mail address during my search for a relaible partner in the internet. I believe you can handle this project. My purpose of writing you this mail is to introduce a project involving the sum of US$ 7.546, 740.00 (Seven Million Five Hundred and Forty Six Thousand Seven Hundred and Forty United States Dollar) to you, and to seek your partnership in securing the above-mentioned amount.

    In February this year, I have lobbied for an Indian gold company to buy gold deposits from a group of community miners at a very low price and less incurred tax. I had a confidential agreement with agents of the Indian company that I shall receive 10% value of the cost of gold deposits bought as my reward for fixing the business. After completing the business, my percentage benefit was deposited with a financial security company in London. The reason the money was deposited in the security company was because I didn’t want my company to suspect my act since it is against the company’s career practice and ethics policy. Besides, the Indian company is also a business partner with Newmont Ghana Gold Limited Company.

    I have contacted you to solicit your assistance to receive this money in your private account for possible investment in your country. My decision to transfer the fund out of the security company is because the expiry time of the deposit agreement I had with the company is near. Therefore, I want you to receive this fund as my partner and after, you shall be entitled to 30% of the fund.  I believe you will be of good character and honest. If you are interested, kindly get back to me for more details.

    I anticipate your acknowledgement and reply soon.


    Kojo Kwesi

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    K’naan’s “Wavin’ Flag” Song 

    Ooooooh Wooooooh, Ooooooh Wooooooh

    Give me freedom, give me fire, give me reason, take me higher

    See the champions, take the field now, you define us, make us feel proud

    In the streets our, heads are lifting, as we lose our inhibition,

    Celebration, its around us, every nations, all around us

    Singing forever young, singing songs underneath that sun

    Lets rejoice in the beautiful game,

    And together at the end of the day.

    We all say

    When I get older I will be stronger

    They’ll call me freedom, just like a wavin’ flag

    When I get older I will be stronger

    They’ll call me freedom, just like a wavin’ flag

    So wave your flag, now wave your flag, now wave your flag

    Oooohhh, Oooooooooh wooooohh, Oooooooooh wooooohh

    Give you freedom, give you fire, give you reason, take you higher

    See the champions, take the field now, you define us, make us feel proud

    In the streets, our heads are lifting, as we lose our inhibition,

    Celebration, its around us, every nations, all around us

    Singing forever young, singing songs underneath that sun

    Lets rejoice in the beautiful game,

    And together at the end of the day.

    We all say

    When I get older I will be stronger

    They’ll call me freedom, just like a wavin’ flag

    When I get older, I will be stronger

    They’ll call me freedom, just like a wavin’ flag

    So wave your flag, now wave your flag, now wave your flag

    Now wave your flag (4x)

    Oohhoooohh Woooh Ohohooooh Wooohoooh

    We all say

    When I get older I will be stronger

    They’ll call me freedom, just like a wavin’ flag

    When I get older, I will be stronger

    They’ll call me freedom, just like a wavin’ flag

    So wave your flag, now wave your flag, now wave your flag

    Now wave your flag (4x)

    Oooooh woowoo ooh Wooo ooohh ooohoh

    And everybody will be singing it

    Oooooh woowoo ooh Wooo ooohh ooohoh

    And we all will be singing it

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    Shakira’s Waka Waka 

    Shakira’s Waka Waka lyrics released as the FIFA World Cup 2010 Official Anthem.

    You’re a good soldier
    Choosing your battles
    Pick yourself up
    And dust yourself off
    And back in the saddle

    You’re on the frontline
    Everyone’s watching
    You know it’s serious
    We’re getting closer
    This isnt over

    The pressure is on
    You feel it
    But you’ve got it all
    Believe it

    When you fall get up
    Oh oh…
    And if you fall get up
    Oh oh…

    Tsamina mina
    Cuz this is Africa

    Tsamina mina eh eh
    Waka Waka eh eh

    Tsamina mina zangalewa
    Anawa aa
    This time for Africa

    Listen to your god
    This is our motto
    Your time to shine
    Dont wait in line
    Y vamos por Todo

    People are raising
    Their Expectations
    Go on and feed them
    This is your moment
    No hesitations

    Today’s your day
    I feel it
    You paved the way
    Believe it

    If you get down
    Get up Oh oh…
    When you get down
    Get up eh eh…

    Tsamina mina zangalewa
    Anawa aa
    This time for Africa

    Tsamina mina eh eh
    Waka Waka eh eh

    Tsamina mina zangalewa
    Anawa aa

    Tsamina mina eh eh
    Waka Waka eh eh
    Tsamina mina zangalewa
    This time for Africa

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    During wind and rain by Thomas Hardy 

    They sing their dearest songs —
    He, she, all of them — yea,
    Treble and tenor and bass,
    And one to play;
    With the candles mooning each face….
    Ah, no; the years O!
    How the sick leaves reel down in throngs!

    They clear the creeping moss —
    Elders and juniors — aye,
    Making the pathways neat
    And the garden gay;
    And they build a shady seat….
    Ah, no; the years, the years;
    See, the white storm-birds wing across!

    They are blithely breakfasting all —
    Men and maidens — yea,
    Under the summer tree,
    With a glimpse of the bay,
    While pet fowl come to the knee….
    Ah, no; the years O!
    And the rotten rose is ript from the wall.

    They change to a high new house,
    He, she, all of them — aye,
    Clocks and carpets and chairs
    On the lawn all day,
    And brightest things that are theirs….
    Ah, no; the years, the years;
    Down their carved names the rain-drop ploughs

    Thomas Hardy
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    Action steps to reach your goals ………. 

    To reach your goals you need to …

    * Know your outcome with crystal clear imagery.
    * Know your reasons for wanting that outcome. This gives your mission a purpose.
    * Take action to move towards your outcome.
    * Use goals as markers to monitor and measure your progress. You can check that you’re going in the right direction in a timely way using these.
    * Defeat self limiting beliefs to build self belief. This will get you there faster.
    * Act in spite of any fears you may have to build self confidence. This will keep you off the brakes.
    * Change your approach until you get to your final destination. This is essentially what persistence is all about… changing your approach until you hit your goal.
    * Stick with it until you hit your final destination. Don’t give up half way there.

    There we have it… strange how life gives you clues of success in activities that are taken for granted by most.

    I hope you think of this analogy in your pursuit of your goals and you use the lesson summary as ACTION STEPS.

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    With your equipment they all began ………….. 

    Figure it out for yourself, my lad,
    You've all that the greatest of men have had,
    Two arms, two hands, two legs, two eyes
    And a brain to use if you would be wise.
    With this equipment they all began,
    So start for the top and say, "I can."

    Look them over, the wise and great
    They take their food from a common plate,
    And similar knives and forks they use,
    With similar laces they tie their shoes.
    The world considers them brave and smart,
    But you've all they had when they made their start.

    You can triumph and come to skill,
    You can be great if you only will.
    You're well equipped for what fight you choose,
    You have legs and arms and a brain to use,
    And the man who has risen great deeds to do
    Began his life with no more than you.

    You are the handicap you must face,
    You are the one who must choose your place,
    You must say where you want to go,
    How much you will study the truth to know.
    God has equipped you for life, but He
    Lets you decide what you want to be.

    Courage must come from the soul within,
    The man must furnish the will to win.
    So figure it out for yourself, my lad.
    You were born with all that the great have had,
    With your equipment they all began,
    Get hold of yourself and say: "I can."

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    LIVE ONE DAY AT A TIME – and make it a masterpiece. 

    Avoid negative sources, people, places and habits

    Believe in yourself

    Consider things from every angle

    Don’t give up and don’t give in

    Everything you’re looking for lies behind the mask you wear

    Family and friends are hidden treasures, seek them and enjoy their riches

    Give more than you planned to

    Hang onto your dreams

    If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door

    Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it

    Keep trying no matter how hard it seems

    Love yourself

    Make it happen

    Never lie, steal or cheat

    Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values

    Practice makes perfect

    Quality not quantity in anything you do

    Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer

    Stop procrastinating

    Take control of your own destiny

    Understand yourself in order to better understand others

    Visualise it

    When you lose, don’t lose the lesson

    Xcellence in all your efforts

    You are unique, nothing can replace you

    Zero in on your target and go for it.
    – Dalai Lama
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    Song Of Vibhuthi Yoga 

    Bhajo Radhe Krishna,
    Bhajo Radhe Shyama
    Soham Soham, Sivoham Soham.
    Om Om Om Om Om,
    Om Om Om Om Om.
    I am neither mind nor body, immortal Self I am,
    I am witness of three states, I am knowledge absolute.
    (Om Om…..)

    I am fragrance in jessamine, beauty in flowers,
    I am coolness in the ice, flavour in coffee.
    (Bhajo Radhe Krishna…)

    I am greenness in the leaf, hue in the rainbow,
    I am taste buds in the tongue, essence in orange.
    (Om Om…..)

    I am mind of all minds, prana of all pranas,
    I am soul of souls, Self of all selves.
    (Bhajo Radhe Krishna…)

    I am Atman in all beings, apple of all eyes,
    I am sun of all suns, light of all lights.
    (Om Om…..)

    I am Pranava of all vedas, Brahman of Upanishads,
    I am silence in forests, thunder in all clouds.
    (Bhajo Radhe Krishna…)

    I am velocity in electrons, motion in science,
    I am effulgence in the sun, wave in the radio.
    (Om Om…..)

    I am support of this world, soul of this body,
    I am ear of all ears, eye of all eyes.
    (Bhajo Radhe Krishna…)

    I am time, space, dik and the controller,
    I am God of gods, guru and the director.
    (Om Om…..)

    I am melody in music, in rag and raginins,
    I am sound in ether, sakti in virya.
    (Bhajo Radhe Krishna…)

    I am power in electricity, intelligence in mind,
    I am brilliance in fire, penance in ascetics.
    (Om Om…..)

    I am `reason' in philosopher, `will' in jnanis,
    I am prem in bhaktas, samadhi in yogis.
    (Bhajo Radhe Krishna…)

    I am That I am, I am That I am,
    I am That I am, I am That I am.
    (Om Om…..)

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    Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero (Seize the day, trusting tomorrow as little as possible) 

    Tu ne quaesieris, scire nefas, quem mihi, quem tibi
    finem di dederint, Leuconoe, nec Babylonios
    temptaris numeros. ut melius, quidquid erit, pati.
    seu pluris hiemes seu tribuit Iuppiter ultimam,
    quae nunc oppositis debilitat pumicibus mare
    Tyrrhenum: sapias, vina liques et spatio brevi
    spem longam reseces. dum loquimur, fugerit invida
    aetas: carpe diem quam minimum credula postero.

    – A Latin poem by Horace.

    ~ a short rebuke to a woman worrying about the future; it closes with the famous line carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero (seize the day, trusting tomorrow as little as possible)

    Don't ask (it's forbidden to know) what end
    the gods will grant to me or you, Leuconoe. Don't play with Babylonian
    fortune-telling either. It is better to endure whatever will be.
    Whether Jupiter has allotted to you many more winters or this final one
    which even now wears out the Tyrrhenian sea on the rocks placed opposite
    — be wise, strain the wine, and scale back your long hopes
    to a short period. While we speak, envious time will have {already} fled
    Seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the next.

    The ode says that the future is unknowable, and that instead one should scale back one's hopes to a brief future, and drink one's wine.

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    Popular Latin phrases …… 

    a fortiori.   with yet stronger reason.

    a posse ad esse.   from possibility to actuality.

    a posteriori.   derived by reasoning from observed facts.

    a priori.   from what was before.

    ab incunablis.   from the origin.

    ab initio.   from the beginning.

    ab intra.   from within.

    ab urbe condita (abbreviated AUC).   from the founding of the city (Rome in 753 BC).

    ad absurdum.   to the point of absurdity.

    ad eundem.   to the same level.

    ad eundem gradum.   to the same level.

    ad hoc.   for this special purpose.

    ad hominem.   denoting an argument made personally against an opponent, rather than logically against an issue (literally, "to the person").

    ad idem.   of the same mind.

    ad infinitum.   without limit.

    ad libitum.   according to pleasure.

    ad litem.   for the suit.

    ad locum (abbreviated ad loc.).   at the place.

    ad nauseam.   to a disgusting extent.

    ad valorem.   according to value.

    addenda.   things to be added.

    advocatus diaboli.   devil's advocate.

    affidavit.   a sworn written statement usable as evidence in court.

    agenda.   things to be done (used especially for a list of items to be discussed at a meeting).

    alea iacta est.   the die is cast (Caesar).

    alma mater.   one's old school or university.

    alter ego.   other self.

    amicus curiae.   friend of the court.

    amicus omnibus, amicus nemini.   a friend to all is a friend to none.

    anno domini (abbreviated AD).   in the year of the Lord.

    annus horribilis.   a terrible year.

    annus mirabilis.   a wonderful year.

    ante bellum.   before the war.

    ante meridiem (abbreviated a.m.).   before midday.

    aqua fortis.   nitric acid.

    aqua pura.   pure water.

    ars gratia artis.   art for art's sake.

    aude sapere.   dare know.

    audi alteram partem.   hear the other side (one of the principles of natural justice).

    bella gerant alii.   let others wage war.

    bona fide (adjective).   genuine, sincere.

    bona fide (adverb).   genuinely, sincerely.

    bona fides (noun).   honest intention.

    cadit quaestio (abbreviated cq).   the question falls; the matter admits no further argument (in copyediting: the facts have been double checked).

    caret.   it is lacking (used in editing to indicate that something is to be inserted).

    carpe diem.   seize the day.

    casus belli.   the circumstances justifying war.

    cave canem.   beware of the dog.

    caveat emptor.   let the buyer beware.

    caveat lector.   let the reader beware.

    caveat venditor.   let the seller beware.

    ceteris paribus.   other things being equal or unchanged.

    circa (abbreviated c. and followed by a date).   about.

    cogito, ergo sum.   I think, therefore I am (Descartes).

    compos mentis.   sane.

    confer (abbreviated cf.).   compare.

    cor unum.   one heart.

    corpus delicti.   the facts of a crime.

    corrigenda.   a list of things to be corrected (in a book).

    cui bono?   who benefits?

    cui malo?   who suffers a detriment?

    cum grano salis.   with a grain of salt (that is, not literally).

    curriculum vitae.   a summary of a person's career.

    de facto.   in fact (especially in contradistinction to "de jure").

    de gustibus non est disputandum.   there is no accounting for taste.

    de jure.   by right (especially in contradistinction to "de facto").

    de minimis.   with respect to trifles.

    de novo.   anew.

    delectatio morosa.   peevish delight.

    deo duce.   with God for a leader.

    deo gratias.   thanks be to God.

    deo volente.   God willing.

    deus ex machina.   a contrived event that resolves a problem at the last moment (literally, "a god from a machine").

    dictum meum pactum.   my word is my bond.

    dictum sapienti sat est.   a word to the wise is sufficient.

    dramatis personae.   the list of characters in a play.

    dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.   it is sweet and proper to die for one's country (Horace).

    dum spiro, spero.   as long as I breathe, I hope (Cicero).

    dum vires annique sinunt, tolerate labores.   while strength and years permit, endure labor (Ovid).

    dura lex, sed lex.   the law is harsh, but it is the law.

    ecce homo.   behold the man.

    ego.   consciousness of one's own identity.

    eiusdem generis.   of the same kind.

    emeritus.   retired after distinguished service and holding an honorary title (for example, emeritus professor).

    ergo.   therefore.

    errata.   a list of errors (in a book).

    et alia.   and other things.

    et alii (abbreviated et al.).   and others.

    et cetera (abbreviated etc.).   and so on.

    et sequentes (abbreviated et seq. or seqq.).   and those that follow.

    et uxor (abbreviated et ux.).   and wife.

    ex cathedra.   (of a pronouncement) formally, with official authority.

    ex curia.   out of court.

    ex gratia.   purely as a favour.

    ex libris.   from the library of.

    ex nihilo.   out of nothing.

    ex officio.   by virtue of his office.

    ex parte.   by only one party to a dispute in the absence of the other.

    ex post facto.   retrospectively.

    excusatio non petita, accusatio manifesta.   he who excuses himself, accuses himself (qui s'excuse, s'accuse).

    exeat.   permission for a temporary absence.

    exempli gratia (abbreviated e.g.).   for example.

    fama nihil est celerius.   nothing is swifter than a rumour.

    fiat.   let it be done.

    floruit.   he flourished.

    functus officio.   having discharged his duty and thus ceased to have any authority over a matter.

    gaudeamus igitur.   so let us rejoice.

    habeas corpus.   you may have the body. (The opening words of a prerogative writ requiring a person holding another person to bring that person before a court.)

    hic jacet.   here lies.

    honoris causa.   as a mark of esteem.

    ibidem (abbreviated ibid. in citations of books, etc.).   in the same place.

    id est (abbreviated i.e.).   that is.

    idem.   the same.

    imperator.   emperor.

    imprimatur.   let it be printed.

    in absentia.   while absent.

    in camera.   in private session.

    in casu.   in this case.

    in casu extremae necessitatis.   in case of extreme necessity.

    in curia.   in court.

    in deo speramus.   in God we trust.

    in extenso.   at full length.

    in extremis.   near death.

    in flagrante delicto.   in the very act of committing an offence.

    in illo tempore.   at that time.

    in loco extremis.   in the farthest place.

    in loco parentis.   in place of a parent.

    in medias res.   in the midst of things (Horace).

    in memoriam.   in memory.

    in re.   in the matter of.

    in silico.   by means of a computer simulation.

    in situ.   in its original situation.

    in specie.   in kind; (a) in its own form and not in an equivalent (b) in coins and not in paper money.

    in toto.   entirely.

    in vino veritas.   in wine there is truth.

    in vitro.   observable in a glass test tube; outside the living body and in an artificial environment.

    in vivo.   happening within a living organism.

    index librorum prohibitorum.   official list of the books not to be read by Catholics.

    infra.   below or on a later page.

    infra dig.   unbecoming (slang).

    inter alia.   among other things.

    inter se.   among themselves.

    inter vivos.   during life.

    intra muros.   within the walls.

    intra vires.   within the power.

    ipso facto.   by that very fact.

    latine dictum.   spoken in Latin.

    loco citato (abbreviated loc. cit.).   in the passage just quoted.

    locum tenens.   one occupying the place (used as an English noun meaning "deputy").

    locus sigilli (abbreviated l.s.).   the place of the seal.

    locus standi.   the right to be heard in court.

    magna carta.   Great Charter (issued by King John in 1215, granting various liberties).

    magna cum laude.   with great honour or academic distinction.

    magnum opus.   great work.

    me judice.   I being the judge; in my opinion

    mea culpa.   by my fault (used as an acknowledgement of one's error).

    memento mori.   remember that you have to die.

    memorandum.   (a note of) a thing to be remembered.

    mens rea.   guilty mind.

    mens sana in corpore sano.   a sound mind in a sound body.

    mirabile dictu.   wonderful to relate.

    modus operandi.   the manner of working.

    monumentum aere perennius.   an immortal work of art or literature (literally, "a monument more lasting than bronze") (Horace).

    multi multa; nemo omnia novit.   many know many things; no one knows everything.

    multum in parvo.   much in a small compass.

    multus amicus, nullus amicus.   a friend to all is a friend to none.

    mutatis mutandis.   the necessary changes being made.

    ne plus ultra.   the highest standard of excellence.

    nemine contradicente (abbreviated nem. con.).   unanimously.

    nemine dissentiente (abbreviated nem. dis.).   unanimously.

    nihil obstat.   nothing stands in the way.

    nil desperandum.   there is no cause for despair (Horace).

    nisi.   unless.

    nolens volens.   whether one likes it or not; willing or unwilling.

    nolle prosequi.   to be unwilling to prosecute.

    non compos mentis.   insane.

    non sequitur.   it does not follow (used as an English noun meaning "a conclusion which does not accord with the premises").

    noscitur a sociis.   the meaning of a word can be known from the context.

    nota bene (abbreviated NB).   note well.

    numero pondere et mensura deus omnia condidit.   God created everything by number, weight and measure (Isaac Newton).

    o tempora, o mores!   oh, the times! oh, the morals! (Cicero).

    obiter dictum.   a saying by the way.

    omne ignotum pro magnifico est.   all things unknown seem grand (Tacitus the Elder).

    omnia mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis.   all things are changing, and we are changing with them.

    omnia vincit amor, nos et cedamus amori.   love conquers all things, let us too yield to love (Virgil).

    opere citato (abbreviated op. cit.).   in the work just quoted.

    pari passu.   equally.

    parturiunt montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.   great promises, but no result or only a ludicrous result (literally, "the mountains are in labour; a ridiculous mouse will be born") (Horace).

    passim.   in various places (in a quoted work).

    pax intrantibus.   peace to those who enter.

    pax vobiscum.   peace be with you.

    pedente lite.   pending the suit.

    per annum.   per year.

    per ardua ad alta.   through difficulties to the heights.

    per ardua ad astra.   through difficulties to the stars.

    per capita.   by the head.

    per centum.   per hundred.

    per diem.   per day.

    per mensem.   per month.

    per omnia saecula saeculorum.   for ever and ever.

    per procurationem (abbreviated per pro or pp).   as agent for.

    per se.   taken alone.

    persona non grata.   a non-acceptable person.

    post hoc ergo propter hoc.   after this, therefore because of this (a logical fallacy).

    post meridiem (abbreviated p.m.).   after midday.

    post mortem.   after death (also figuratively).

    prima facie.   on a first view.

    primus inter pares.   first among equals.

    pro bono publico.   in the public good.

    pro bono.   done without charge in the public interest.

    pro forma.   for the sake of form.

    pro hac vice.   for this occasion.

    pro rata.   according to the rate.

    pro se.   on one's own behalf.

    pro tanto.   to that extent.

    pro tempore (abbreviated pro tem).   for the time being.

    proximo (abbreviated prox.).   of the next month.

    qua.   in the capacity of.

    quantum in me fuit.   I have done my best.

    quasi.   as if.

    qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum.   let him who desires peace prepare for war (Vegetius).

    quid pro quo.   something for something.

    quis custodiet ipsos custodes?   who is guarding the guards?

    quo in casu.   in which case.

    quo vadis?   where are you going?

    quod erat demonstrandum (abbreviated QED).   which was to be proved.

    quod erat faciendum (abbreviated QEF).   which was to be done.

    quod vide (abbreviated q.v.).   which see.

    ratio decidendi.   the reason for the decision.

    ratio legis est anima legis.   the reason of the law is the soul of the law.

    re.   in the matter of.

    reductio ad absurdum.   reduction to the absurd (proving the truth of a proposition by proving the falsity of all its alternatives).

    regina.   queen.

    requiescat in pace.   rest in peace.

    res ipsa loquitur.   the thing speaks for itself.

    res tantum valet quantum vendi potest.   a thing is worth only what someone else will pay for it.

    rex.   king.

    rigor mortis.   the stiffening of a body after death.

    salve (plural salvete).   hail; welcome.

    semel in anno licet insanire.   one can act the fool once a year.

    semper fidelis.   always faithful.

    senatus populusque Romanus (abbreviated SPQR ).   the Senate and the people of Rome.

    sensu stricto.   in a narrow or strict sense.

    seqq.   and those that follow.

    seriatim.   one after another in order.

    si vis pacem, para bellum.   if you want peace, prepare for war.

    sic.   thus (used in quoted passages to indicate that an error has been deliberately reproduced).

    sic transit gloria mundi.   thus passes the glory of the world.

    silentium est aureum.   silence is golden.

    silva rerum.   an assorted collection of facts.

    simpliciter.   naturally; without qualification.

    sine anno (abbreviated s.a.).  year not known.

    sine die.   without stipulating a day.

    sine qua non.   an indispensable condition.

    status quo.   the existing condition.

    stet.   let it stand (used in editing to indicate that something crossed out is to remain).

    sub judice.   before a court.

    sub rosa.   in confidence.

    sub verbo.   under the word (or heading).

    sui generis.   of its own kind.

    supra.   above or on an earlier page.

    suum cuique.   to each his own.

    tabula rasa.   a clean slate; an opportunity to start from the beginning.

    tempus fugit.   time flies.

    tempus fugit, mors venit.   time passes, death advances.

    terra firma.   dry land.

    terra incognita.   unknown land.

    terra nullius.   uninhabited land.

    timeo danaos et dona ferentes.   I fear the Greeks, even when they bring gifts (Virgil).

    uberrimae fidei.   of the utmost good faith.

    ultimo (abbreviated ult.).   of the previous month.

    ultra vires.   beyond the power.

    vade mecum.   a constant companion.

    vale (plural valete).   farewell.

    velle est posse.   where there is a will, there is a way.

    veni, vidi, vici.   I came, I saw, I conquered (Caesar).

    verbatim.   exactly as said.

    verbum sat sapienti (abbreviated verb. sap.).   a word to the wise is sufficient.

    versus.   against.

    vi et armis.   by force and arms.

    vice.   in place of.

    vice versa.   the order being reversed.

    vide.   see.

    videlicet (abbreviated viz.).   namely.

    vires acquirit eundo.   we gather strength as we go (Virgil).

    virgo intacta.   virgin.

    volenti non fit injuria.   that to which a man consents cannot be considered an injury.

    vox populi.   voice of the people.

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